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Spindle Technology – Good Vibrations

Vibration is generally a bad thing when machining. But the fact that controlled vibration can in fact deliver significant benefits in drilling is demonstrated by LTI Motion GmbH, in conjunction with Heinz Fiege GmbH, and its magnetic bearing spindle,

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Magnetic Gear with High Gear Ratio of 1:21

Magnetic gears – contactless torque transmission

Magnetic gears are able to transmit torque between an input and an output shaft without mechanical contact. Due to their contactless torque transmission, magnetic gears are efficient and allow high rotational speeds. Furthermore,

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Subsea gas compression system

SKF S2M magnetic bearings equip the first ever subsea gas compression system at the Statoil-operated Åsgard gas field near the Norwegian coast.

SKF S2M has supplied magnetic bearings for use in the world’s first subsea gas compression system at

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10MW magnetically levitated turbine

Siemens hands over first oil-free steam turbine to Vattenfall

Siemens has delivered for the first time a steam turbine in the capacity range up to 10 megawatts (MW) that operates almost entirely without lubricants. The bearing systems consist of

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Turbo Compressor System

AMB technology helps pushing the economy of scale

TurboPowerSystems UK wanted to equip their motors for a Compressor System with magnetic bearings to increase efficiency and speed. There are 17 different impeller types to be combined with 2 types

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New Magnetic Gear                  

Due to recent development, conventional gears can be replaced by powerful magnetic gearing systems.

These gears with high-torque capability offer completely new features which are novel to the industry, highly favorable and not known for gears up to now.

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Bearingless High-Speed Drive

 A clear trend towards smaller systems saving material cost and weight can be observed in many modern drives. By increasing the speed, equal output power can be provided by a much smaller system. Mechanical bearings often limit the maximum

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Chatter Suppression in High-Speed Machining

Machining chatter is a self-excited vibration occuring between the cutting tool and workpiece.  Large amplitude vibrations caused by chatter may lead to damaging the cutting tool and/or the inability to hold part tolerance. It follows that the onset of

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High Speed – LeviTurb     

A typical product from LTI Motion, the LeviTurb, is focused on energy efficiency:

The LeviTurb can be used to compress air or other gases at speeds up to 60,000 rpm and with a output power of 30 kW. The

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NAM Natural Gas Compressor

NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij), a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil, originated in the mid- 1990s. Its goal was to find the most cost-effective way to extract gas and extend the life of the Groningen gas field,

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Sealed Process Chamber     

The demands for cleanliness of the process environment in the chemical industry, for biotechnology and medical engineering and especially in the semiconductor industry have increased significantly over the last years. Hermetically sealed process chambers fulfil these strict requirements. Moreover

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Compressor Surge Test Rig

The safe operating range of pressure and mass flow for centrifugal compressors is limited by a dynamic flow instability known as surge. Surge occurs as the mass flow through the compressor is reduced to a critical point where the

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Ventricular Assist Device     

Recent work on the LifeFlow heart pump has been focused on optimizing overall performance by reevaluating the design of individual components. In particular, recent efforts have been put into verifying the magnetic performance of the heart pump using a

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High Energy Storage Flywheel

A 15,000 rpm, 130 kWh composite flywheel was designed for high-speed passenger rail service.  The rotor weighs 5000 lb.  It utilizes a 5-axis levitation system with permanent magnet bias homopolar magnetic bearings.  The radial bearings employ co-located optical position

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135kW Flywheel for Metro Bus

A hermetically-sealed 40,000 rpm, 1 kWh, 135 kW, graphite composite flywheel has been developed at CEM. The unit with integral motor/generator is installed in a Houston-Metro transit bus.  It utilizes a 5-axis levitation system with permanent magnet bias homopolar

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Magnetic Suspension for Vibration Isolation

Magnetic suspension provides an excellent active vibration isolation technology and has shown useful characteristics including non-contact, fast response, high reliability and long lifetime.

A control algorithm and the cost function of the active vibration isolation were proposed, based on

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