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In the late 1980s, the research interest in magnetic bearings was growing quickly on an international level. The first international meeting, allowing the exchange and presentation of ideas and development results was organized in Zurich, Switzerland, in June 1988 by professor Gerhard Schweitzer. Since then, the ISMB was held every two years, bringing together the global key researchers in academia and industry in the field of magnetic bearings. Hundreds of publications have been presented at the ISMB. Please see the publication section for the index and the full papers in our online repository.

ISMB 1Zurich, SwitzerlandJune 6-8, 1988Prof. G. Schweitzer
ISMB 2Tokyo, JapanJuly 12-14, 1990Prof. T. Higuchi
ISMB 3Alexandria, USAJuly 29-31, 1992Prof. P. Allaire
ISMB 4Zurich, SwitzerlandAugust 23-26, 1994Prof. G. Schweitzer
ISMB 5Kanazawa, JapanAugust 28-30, 1996Prof. F. Matsumura
ISMB 6Cambridge, USAAugust 5-7, 1998Prof. D. Trumper, Prof. P. Allaire
ISMB 7Zurich, SwitzerlandAugust 23-25, 2000Prof. G. Schweitzer
ISMB 8Mito, JapanAugust 26-28, 2002Prof. Y. Okada
ISMB 9Lexington, USAAugust 3-6, 2004Prof. L. Stephens, Prof. D. Trumper
ISMB 10Martigny, SwitzerlandAugust 21-23, 2006Prof. H. Bleuler, Prof. G. Genta
ISMB 11Nara, JapanAugust 26-29, 2008Prof. K. Nonami, Prof. T. Mizuno
ISMB 12Wuhan, ChinaAugust 22-25, 2010Prof. Y. Hu, Prof. L. Yu
ISMB 13Arlington, USAAugust 6-9, 2012Prof. P. Allaire, Prof. Z. Lin
ISMB 14Linz, AustriaAugust 11-14, 2014Prof. W. Amrhein
ISMB 15Kitykyushu, JapanAugust 3-6, 2016Prof. M. Komori
ISMB 16Beijing, ChinaAugust 13-16, 2018Prof. Suyuan Yu, Prof. Zongli Lin
ISMB 17Online / Rio de Janeiro, BrazilAugust 18-21, 2021Prof. Richard Stephan
ISMB 18Lyon, FranceJuly 18-21, 2023Prof. Jahir Mafoud