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SpinDrive and Runtech Systems joined together to apply active magnetic bearings to Runtech’s RunEco EP 1000 turbo blower. RunEco EP1000 Turbo Blower is the biggest of RunEco models and is a 1,000 kW high-speed drive with a speed up to 11,500 rpm.

Turbo blowers in pulp and paper applications work in a harsh environment. During the operation, the rotor is prone to high unbalance due to dirt buildup on the impeller. Implementing magnetic bearings helped to improve overall system efficiency and allowed stable operation with high unbalanced forces. 

Changing turbo blower bearings from roller to active magnetic bearings allowed for optimizing the impeller selection. The open impeller could be used due to the capability of the SpinDrive Magma® controller to monitor and control axial pull. Turbo blower measurements demonstrated an efficiency increase from 62% to 70% by implementing an open impeller and active magnetic bearings. This tested variable speed and variable capacity turbo blower is able to save 30–70% in energy consumption compared with traditional vacuum systems like liquid-ring pumps, depending on the end-user.

Ole Martola 
Business Development Director 
Email:  Mobile: +358 50 5675 919