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The paper presents advanced three-dimensional calculation methods for the determination of the force and stiffness properties of contact-less, inherently stable superconducting magnetic bearings (SMBs). Based on these methods the magnetic bearings design has been optimized to achieve an utmost reduced amount of HTSC-material for a given force and stiffness. Based on the condition that iron free field excita-tion systems are applied (no iron poles), three dimen-sional analytical calculation methods are compared with numerical ones. 3D numerical field calculation pro-grams have been extended to consider even any com-plex iron structures associated with SMBs exhibiting high force densities. Exemplary different optimized designs of SMBs are presented, capable to suspend the rotor-weight of a turbo compressor or a carbon fiber ring of an inertial energy storage system. Another layout enables a fully 3-dimensional contact-less levitation of a LH2-tank with no degree of freedom in motion. Beside the mere sup-porting functions the SMBs have to withstand the inter-nal and external dynamic forces which occur during the operation.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB9