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The fundamental electromechanical interactions in a passive null- ux EDS maglev system are mediated by the voltages induced in the levita- tion coils by the sled magnets, and by the forces exerted on the sled as a result of the induced currents. This paper presents a reliable and compact method to calculate these interactions by using analytical expressions of the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. The proposed ap- proach provides a highly efficient and numeri- cally stable approach to the computation of the ux induced in the levitation coils as well as the induced voltages and currents and lift, drag and guidance forces acting on the sled's magnets. The analytical model is compared to a simplified algebraic model suitable for real-time control of EDS Maglev suspension dynamics. Both mod- els are compared with measurements and show good predictive quality.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB9