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A magnetic suspension system for bearing single axis consists of displacement and two current sensors, two opposite coils, two amplifiers, and suspended mass. Such unstable open-loop magnetic bearing system is stabilized by a microprocessor control system. The proposed diagnostic system should detect deterioration or failure of above mentioned system and indicate the failure component.A diagnostic algorithm consists of four tests. 1) Test of measurement system which we are using the observer bank in. It allows us to detect any failure in the system. 2) Test which recognizes whether the failure is in measurement system or in other components. Having a failure is in measurement system the previous test indicates which sensor is failure. 3) Identification of state and control matrices in their physical form. Identification of open-loop matrices is realized by Markov parameters model detected by the ERA algorithm. 4) Localization of failure by inspection of state and control matrices.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB9