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In order to make the AMB system satisfied the high energy-efficiency demands, the nonlinear behavior of H-bridge inverter, which is a power amplifier for AMB system, is studied in this paper. The discrete mapping model of the H-bridge inverter is established with some improvement using stroboscopic method. Based on this model, the dynamic evolution process of the inverter from stable state to chaos is directly exhibited, and the stable variation ranges of feedback gain and coil inductances are determined. Furthermore, a new simulation nonlinear model for an AMB system based on nonlinear H-Bridge inverter amplifier is set up, the influence of H-bridge inverter’s nonlinear behavior on the entire AMB system with two alternate change parameters is investigated. The simulation and experimental results demonstrate the existence of chaos phenomenon in AMB system and provide a stable range for AMB coil and control system design. The new AMB system model may have some benefits to the study of chaos control method for avoiding bifurcation and chaos phenomenon in AMB system.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB14