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The auxiliary bearing is one of the important parts for the active magnetic bearing (AMB). A new auxiliary bearing design with no lubrication is proposed in this paper. This auxiliary bearing is composed of angular contact ceramic ball bearing. Two pairs of bearing will be distributed on both ends of the rotor. Each pair of bearing arrangement is face to face. Oil or grease will not be applied in this auxiliary bearing. But dry lubrication with MoS2 will be used in this bearing. This auxiliary bearing will be applied in the helium blower of 10MW high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTR-10). Oil or grease can’t be used in the primary loop of the HTR-10. The auxiliary bearing is used to support the blower rotor when the AMB fails to work. It must support the dropping rotor and bear the great impact force and friction heat. It is difficult to analyze the falling course of the rotor. There are two difficult problems to solve for the design of auxiliary bearing, including great impact force and friction heat. The preliminary analysis of the rotor was done. The impact force of the auxiliary bearing was computed for the axial and radial impact load by the finite element method. The temperature field will be analyzed and studied also in this paper. The auxiliary bearing’s life will be evaluated. The scheme of auxiliary bearing and the simulation results offer the important theoretical base for this new auxiliary bearing style, and offer the protector design of the helium blower with AMB for HTR-10.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB14