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The stiffness and damping of magnetic bearings play an important role in the stability of high speed rotor system. In order to obtain the reliable and accurate support parameters of magnetic bearing, an identification method based on model updating is proposed in this paper. Successful identification of support parameters is based on an accurate system model. The accurate rotor model is first derived by model updating using frequency response function (FRF) data. Then, the identification of support parameters of magnetic bearings is completed by model updating method based on the unbalance response. Unbalance response of magnetic bearing rotor system with assumed initial support parameters can be calculated by the transfer matrix method. Based on an optimization algorithm, the minimum error between the calculated and measured unbalance response is achieved. The support parameters which were used to calculate the unbalance response are the identified stiffness and damping of magnetic bearings. Finally, the effectiveness and accuracy of the identification method are verified by simulation.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB13