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Because of its superior characteristics, magnetic bearing have been applied in many fields. The topic of this paper is the control system ofmagnetic bearing in blower application. Thermal expansion effects have the impact on measurement of axial displacement, we use two eddy current sensors which are in the radial symmetrical arrangement to achieve measurement of the axial displacement, and theoreticalcalculations and experiment verified the possibility of this method.In order to reduce vibration of the rotor, a chebyshev IInotch filter is designed to suppress the special frequency, the effect of notch depth and bandwidth are discussed in the paper, through the rational allocation, the vibration of rotor are greatly suppressed; In order to improve the response of the rotor, phase compensation are used in this system, through the use of two phase compensation,the stability of the rotor rotation are improved. Simulation and experimental results show that the system has a good dynamic characteristics, the speed of the rotor is 15000rpm.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB13