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Different adaptive control algorithms have been developed for attenuating vibrations on AMB systems. The main aim of this work is to introduce the use of multirate and nonuniform sampling methods reducing the mean sampling rate, with the objective of minimizing the execution time of such algorithms. In particular, the proposed one is a feedforward adaptive vibration controller which generates sinusoidal signals whose amplitudes and phases are updated by the adaptation algorithm. This update is at different sampling times in the multirate version and at randomized sampling times, for the nonuniform sampling version. Such signals are applied to an AMB system obtaining, as expected, a minimization of the vibrations. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the adaptive control approach, allowing an important increment in the mean sampling period and leading to a reduced calculation time. Keywords- Adaptive control, AMB, vibration elimination, nonuniform sampling

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB11