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This paper is concerned with modeling and active vibration control of a 1.23-m long ?exible shaft on active magnetic bearings that is designed to model a small industrial compressor and to serve as a platform for investigating emerging control schemes. Aerodynamic cross-coupled stiffness is one of the main contributors to rotordynamic instability in modern turbo-machines. The destabilizing effects of the cross-coupled stiffness are demonstrated. H2 and H8 synthesis approaches are used to design controllers that may stabilize the rotor-bearing system over a wide range of cross-coupled stiffness. Stability analysis and dynamic simulations of the resulting closed-loop systems are performed and recommendations made on the best means of achieving the desired performance and stability of the rotor-bearing system. The control and data-acquisition are in the process of being implemented in real-time using a DSP system.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB11