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Taking an electric miller spindle equipped with AMB as the research object, this paper have established the non-linear dynamic model of five degrees of freedom for the rotor-AMB system, and carried on the numerical solution using the principle of multi-scale method and combined with the numerical analysis method. Besides, from the nonlinear viewpoint, the dynamic characteristics of rotor-AMB system have been studied; the bifurcation and chaos phenomenon of five degrees of freedom systems have been analyzed else. The results show, in the nonlinear scope, the rotor can appear the instability in certain situations, so there exists a question to judge the stability. The partial bifurcation curves generally enter from the sub-critical bifurcation region to the supercritical bifurcation region, then return to the sub-critical bifurcation region once more; The chaos phenomenon confirmed that, the rotor system can appear the chaos phenomenon under the certain condition, when striding across the critical speeds the chaos phenomenon is quite obvious.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB10