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This paper describes three applications of Active Magnetic Bearings (AMBs) used as actuators in conjunction with conventional support bearings. These pilot studies demonstrate how AMB technology can be used to facilitate improvements in rotating machinery operation without concerns associated with full magnetic support of a rotor. These pilot studies include the use of an AMB actuator for the reduction of acoustic emissions due to gear noise, the reduction of subsynchronous rotor vibrations, and the reduction of synchronous vibrations in the lift fan driveshaft/engine assembly of the F35 STOVL Joint Strike Fighter. AMB technology is often limited by the perception that it is just a support bearing option. In that scenario, limitations with full magnetic support of a rotor often eliminate consideration of the technology for many applications. The results of these studies demonstrate that the AMB is an enabling technology for facilitating improvements in rotating machinery design and operation in scenarios without full magnetic support of the rotor.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB9