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A new and miracle magnetic bearing is proposed in this paper. It is intended for a magnetic bearings to have high efficiency, good dynamic response and low cost. Traditional magnetic bearing is composed of a pair of electromagnets which have strong nonlinearity and require high level bias current. Hence the efficiency is not good or it requires narrow air gap. Hybrid type magnetic bearing is recognized as an efficient one. But the bias permanent magnet should be installed between the two radial magnetic bearings. It requires thick magnetic circuit and produces flux leakage. In this paper a new and smart magnetic bearing is proposed which is based on the hybrid type. The bias permanent magnets are installed inside the radial magnetic bearings. Hence all the magnetic circuit is closed inside the radial magnetic bearing and it is relatively free from the flux leakage. To confirm the proposed magnetic bearing, an experimental setup is designed and tested. The results showed high efficiency with relatively low control current.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB9