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fter successful operation and experiments on the steam-circle of the 10 MW high temperature gas cooled reactor (HTR-10), the project of the HTR-10 coupled with direct gas-turbine circle (HTR-10GT) is designed by the Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology (INET) of Tsinghua University [1]. In this project, active magnetic bearings (AMBs) are chosen to support the generator rotor and the turbocompressor rotor in the power conversion unit because of their numerous advantages over the conventional bearings [2]. In order to detect how the AMB system works in operation and make diagnosis whether the system behaves normally or not, an online monitoring system of AMB needs to be designed. The construction of the whole monitoring system is based on a personal computer, Windows 2000 system and VI (Virtual Instruments) technology. The development is divided into the following three steps: First, a data acquisition platform to collect and acquire all the necessary and useful data from the operation of the AMB system is developed. Second, the data acquired need to be analyzed in time domain, frequency domain and joint time-frequency domain to find the characteristics of the operation. Finally, based on all the former work, a diagnostic component will be designed in the future.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB9