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A novel FBG-GMM sensor was proposed to measure magnetic flux density, in which the FBG was stuck perpendicular to the GMM’s principal magnetostriction orientation to make a thin-slice sensor. The FBG-GMM magnetic field sensor’s properties were tested on a U-shape electromagnet test setup, the measured data were consistent with the theoretical prediction and the sensor’ linear range is from 0.2T to 0.6T. The FBG-GMM magnetic field sensor was introduced to measure a radial magnetic bearing’s air-gap flux density. Static flux density measurement was performed through two FBG-GMM sensors and one temperature compensation FBG, and the measured data were consistent with the sensor properties obtained from the U-shape electromagnet test, which validate the FBG-GMM magnetic field sensor’s feasibility.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB14