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This paper proposes a novel disk type permanent magnet motor, which actively controls 5 degrees of freedom of a flat rotor without any contact. The proposed motor consists of an Axial Self-bearing Motor (ASBM) and additional cylindrical flux paths. The axial force and motor torque are controlled by the rotating flux with the same number of poles of the rotor, and the tilt control torque is produced by the rotating flux with the two plus or two minus poles of the rotor. The radial force is produced by supplying direct current to the stator windings. The direct current produces the flux through the stator and the cylindrical flux path, then the radial force can be generated by the interaction of the rotor poles and the edge of the cylindrical flux path. This paper introduces the structure and principle of the proposed motor, and shows the results of the magnetic forces calculated by the numerical electromagnet analysis.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB14