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This study is concerned with the compensationof imbalance force existing in a three-pole active magnetic bearing (AMB) system. An adaptive compensation scheme is proposed using the method of immersion and invariance (I&I) control. The main idea of I&I control is to immerse a higher-order system intoa lower-order target system. In this study, the target system will be the three-pole AMB system with known imbalance that is stabilized by an integral sliding mode controller (ISMC). In practical applications, the imbalance force may be unknown and may be changing during operation. The information of imbalance needs to be estimated online in order to realize the ISMC levitation control. To this aim, the adaptive compensation scheme is incorporated into the ISMC controller so that the closed-loop system forms the higher-order system for the design of I&I control. Numerical simulations verify the effectiveness of the proposed adaptive compensator for mass imbalance.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB13