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This paper shows the analysis and study of a bearingless AC Motor type divided winding for a conventional squirrel cage Induction Motor, IM. The conventional IM is used as a bearingless motor for artificial-lift oil proposes, allowing a reduction in maintenance and operation costs. The goal of this paper is improving electromagnetic forces performance, such as the Lorentz and Maxwell forces, allowing rotor positio ning at the rotation axis. It was used a simulator based on the finite element method for acquiring load results for a 375 kW, 380V, 4 -poles, 60Hz, 1.04 Nm, IM motor. Experimental results show that is possible to use a conventional IM as a bearingless motor, achieving a 80% efficiency. This paper presents simulated and experimental results that demonstrated the operation of the IM bearingless -type split coil built from a conventional induction motor.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB13