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The normalized FLMS algorithm makes the convergence coefficient vary with time, which makes the adaptive process achieve a compromise between the convergence coefficient and the steady state error and overcomes the problem that the convergence factor is difficult to select, ca used by that the power of the reference signal cannot be accurately estimated or vary too fast with time. In this paper, the magnetic suspension f loating raft vibration isolation system acting as the object, the FIR filter being introduced as a feed-forward link, and the mean square error of systematic deviation operating as the performance indicators, the normalized FLMS algorithm is used for self-optimization to obtain the optimal controller parameters. The simulation results show that the normalized FLMS algorithm has better effect over convergence speed and vibration isolation compared with the ordinary FLMS algorithm. So it was applied to active control system of the magnetic suspension floating raft vibration isolation, and achieved better effect.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB13