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Since few years ago, electrical energy storage had been attracted as an effective use of electricity and coping with the momentary voltage drop. Above all, energy storage flywheel systems using superconductor have advantages of long life, high energy density, and high efficiency. Our experimental machine uses a superconducting magnetic bearing (SMB) together with a permanent magnet bearing (PMB) and plans to reduce the overall cost and cooling cost. Energy storage flywheel systems operate by storing energy mechanically in a rotating flywheel. The generating motor is used to rotate flywheel and to generating electricity from flywheel rotational. The generating motor consists of 2-phase 4-poles brush-less DC motor and a Hall sensor. A purpose of this research is the development of a compact energy storage flywheel system using SMB and PMB. This paper shows the new model of flywheel by using yajirobei (balancing toy) principle that has higher storage energy comparing with conventional one, the improvement and evaluation of motor drive (DC motor) to increase the speed rotating, and estimating the system at momentary voltage drop.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB12