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This paper presents the current state of art in the control systems applied to levitation control and typical structure of digital control system. A new approach based on programmable analogue devices is proposed and an architecture of the levitation controller is presented. Some advantages and disadvantages of the considered technology are given. Finally the possible application of typical control laws and signal processing are discussed. In the experimenThis paper deals with the computation of the axial, radial and tilt stiffness of two concentric permanent magnetic rings with axial polarization. Such compositions normally correspond to either radial or axial passive magnetic bearings. In contrast to the translational degrees of freedom this paper focuses on therotational and therefore passive tilting stiffness of such systems. An important result is the exact relative position of the concentric rings for which the radial and axial stiffness is zero and the tilt stiffness is positive. Thus, such a configuration represents a pure passive magnetic tilt bearing.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB12