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The 10MW high temperature gas-cooled test reactor coupled with gas-turbine circle (HTR-10GT) is considered as one of the most important development fields of the future HTR technology due to its simple system, high efficiency and potential economical competitiveness. In the power convention unit (PCU) of the HTR-10GT, the active magnetic bearings (AMB) are adopted to support the vertical high-speed helium turbomachine shaft, its performance affect the layout of gas turbine system related with safety and economics of the nuclear power plant. In order to make a principle test for the design of AMBs of HTR-10GT, a small-scale analogue test rig has been designed and built to simulate the helium turbomachine rotor in compliance with the dynamic similarity principles. Through the test, the advanced control algorithms are validated, design and operation experiences for the next full scale experiment in the near future are accumulated.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB12