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Magnetic bearings are the core and key technology of a multi-electric engine. The aero engine will have no lubrication system, less weight, high reliability and efficiency, and low maintenance costs if magnetic bearings be used instead of rolling bearings. Many papers had been published research results on rotor-AMB system on ground based support, which can not better describe the real condition of aero engine. This paper models the rotor-active magnetic bearing (AMB) system hanging from a cantilever beam to simulate the effect of flexible wing on the rotor dynamic characteristics. Besides, in order to observe the effect of wing vibration on the engine rotor, the beam’s free end receives excitation and the frequency response of rotor is analyzed. From simulation analysis result, it can be found that change of hanging position results in change of the base spatial modal properties (Mand K). Consequently, the modal frequency of some rotor shapes changes irregularly. Under the same excitation conditions, imposed on the flexible base (as opposed to a rigid foundation), the rotor frequency response slightly decreased except in the beam type modal frequencies.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB12