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The need for motion sensing system is constantly growing for civil and mass applications, which require products that ally precision, low cost and compactness. The active magnetic bearing (AMB) technology because of its absence of friction between the rotor and the stator could be an interesting solution to reach the two first requirements. The miniaturization of the AMB system permits to satisfy the last one. Among other sensing devices, gyroscopes can benefit from the high spinning speeds of the rotor that AMB permit. These high speeds guarantee the high precision of the instrument. However, these high speeds have the inconvenience of destabilizing the rotor. Therefore, a good control of the rotor position is a key issue towards a precise gyroscope. On that purpose, this paper presents a two degrees of freedom Hinf controller based on the GS/T weighting scheme strategy and including an explicit integrative part. The simulations run with that controller show a great improvement in the quality of the angular velocity measurements compared to a classical two degrees of freedom Hinf controller as will be shown in this paper.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB11