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The dynamics of the contact-free hovering active magnetic bearing (AMB) depends mainly on the implemented control law. The more of the whole rotor system characteristics are known, the higher quality controller is designed, and the more reliable rotating operation can be realized. In order to make the identification procedure more convenient, a new development platform based on virtual instruments was chosen to design the identification system. Experiment was done on an active magnetic bearing system after the identification system was finished. The model parameters of HTR-10GT principle AMB system were identified by the help of the designed identification system, and the amplitude-frequency curve, phase-frequency curve and transfer function of the AMB system in the working frequency-domain were achieved. The identified information not only lays foundation for analyzing the characteristics of the AMB system (such as zero-pole distribution, stability margin, stiffness and damping), but also offers a kind of analysis and experimental tool for the optimized designing of the control system.

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Booktitle: Proceedings of ISMB10