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High Speed – LeviTurb     

A typical product from LTI Motion, the LeviTurb, is focused on energy efficiency:

With speeds up to 60,000 rpm and a power output of 30 kW the magnetic bearing LeviTurb provides high efficiency and can be used as a turbogenerator or a turbo compressor.

The LeviTurb can be used to compress air or other gases at speeds up to 60,000 rpm and with a output power of 30 kW. The unit can also be used as a turbogenerator to generate electric power from a relaxation process in a highly efficient way. Making the product even more user-friendly, the magnetic bearing electronics and the cartridge are a functional unit which further reduces the wiring. Additional sizes of the LeviTurb are already in preparation.

Technical data

*In preparation   Contact: LTI Motion GmbH Gewerbestraße 5-9 35633 Lahnau Germany