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Magnetic Suspension for Vibration Isolation

Magnetic suspension provides an excellent active vibration isolation technology and has shown useful characteristics including non-contact, fast response, high reliability and long lifetime.

Experimental Platform

Force Transmissibility with and without Fuzzy Control under Experiment

A control algorithm and the cost function of the active vibration isolation were proposed, based on the minimization of the weighted sum of square force transmissibility. An experimental platform is carried out and excited by a B&K Model Exciter Type 4842 as shown in the fotograph. The maximum output force of the active part is just is no more than 20% of the exitation system. It is, however, evident from the force transmissibility curves, that the damping of the vibration improves about 2-3dB at low frequency, and up to 15-18dB around resonance frequency as shown in the graph. The research shows, that the active vibration isolation system has a much better isolating performance compared to a conventional passive isolation system in a very broad frequency range.   Contact: Research conducted at Wuhan University of Technology